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Choosing the right high velocity HVAC contractor involves a lot of thought and research. Look no further. Whether you are looking for a new installment, repair, or upgrade, High Velocity AC’s professional work and quality equipment will ensure your comfort.

  • We are courteous and respectful of your family and home. Our attention to detail ensures your safety and leaves your space better than when we started.
  • We install an easy and efficient small duct high velocity system. See below for the benefits of installing Unico and Hi-Velocity.
  • We have extensive experience designing and installing high velocity HVAC systems for remodeling projects in both newer and older homes. We have worked with many of the area’s top remodeling contractors.
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High Velocity HVAC Maintenance Plan

We offer our customers the security of knowing that we are here when you need us. If something comes up unexpectedly, we have a Maintenance Plan that covers you. Our worry-free Maintenance Plan provides two types of coverage to keep your heating and air conditioning system working at its maximum efficiency during the hottest and coldest times of the year. With our Maintenance Plan, we will help you maintain the perfect air quality to ensure your family’s health.

Click the Maintenance Plan at right to download the pdf to your computer, or call us at (817) 567-3364 to come out and get you set up.

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Benefits of High Velocity HVAC

#1. Indoor Air Quality

The difference between a home with a unique indoor air quality design and a home that doesn’t have it at all is staggering. Indoor Air Quality directly contributes to the comfort and quality of life inside the home during all seasons. Having an experienced High Velocity AC employee evaluate your home’s indoor air quality systems to determine which system best fits your home can directly impact the health of your family during allergy / cold / flu seasons, impact the efficiency of your heat and air equipment during all modes of operation, and most of all, deliver a quality of life you demand in your own home.

#2. Humidity Control

Our systems provide the proper humidity control. Humidity control is important for three reasons:

  1. It is a large factor in people’s thermal comfort.
  2. Excess moisture in a building can lead to mold and mildew, causing problems for indoor air quality.
  3. It is a large energy user. Dehumidification alone can be a quarter to a third of cooling energy in humid climates or seasons. (However, humidifying does not tend to be a large energy load, even in dry climates or seasons.)

#3. Remodeling, Upgrade & Repair

An HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) may not seem as exciting as new cabinetry, flooring, and paint colors, but thoughtful planning of heating and cooling can be crucial to the overall success of your project. In addition, opening walls or making other changes to your home can create opportunities to upgrade your existing system and/or correct any deficiencies.

High Velocity AC has extensive experience designing and installing HVAC systems for remodeling projects in both newer and older homes. We have worked with many of the area’s top remodeling contractors.

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Our manufacturers provide the finest heating and cooling product available and are proud to offer the following Warranty program:

  • One Year: Standard warranty on all Unico System parts and a small number of Hi-Velocity parts is one year from the date of installation.
  • Three Year: Standard warranty on most Hi-Velocity parts is three years from date of installation.
  • Five Year: Unico, Inc. is pleased to extend their limited parts warranty for an additional four years when High Velocity AC, a Unico Product Trained Contractor installs your system and the job is registered with Unico, Inc. The four year extension is applicable only to The Unico System serial numbered products.

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