High Velocity AC is a factory certified specialist of Unico, which is a leading manufacturer of small-duct high-velocity (SDHV) heating and cooling systems. We specialize in the SDHV system because of its superiority over conventional heating and cooling delivery systems.

Conventional systems cannot compare to the cost savings, efficiency and aesthetics that a SDHV delivers. An SDHV system is engineered for simplicity and air tightness. Traditional systems can lose up to 25% of the air that the unit puts out through leaky ductwork, while the Unico system loses less than 5%. The Unico system offers long-term savings.

What makes the Unico system special? 

According to the US Department of Energy, SDHV systems deliver 220 to 350 CFM of certified air volumes per ton of cooling capacity, operating at a minimum of 1.2 inches of external static pressure.  In field application air volumes generally exceed 1,000 CFM through diffusers with less than six square inches of surface area.

How is the Unico system distinct?

It Fits!

No matter the physical configuration of the house, no matter its age, nor matter if it is new construction or a remodel; the Unico System is the best solution and will not compromise the design or architectural integrity.

The Unico System uses less than one-third of the space than a traditional system, while delivering up to nine tons of air conditioning in the same space as a three ton traditional unit.

The aesthetics of your home are maintained with the Unico System – walls are not marred by metal registers that streak or stain. Small, subtle outlets are available in round five inch outer diameter or slotted ½” x 8” versions, each blending perfectly into your design.

High Velocity AC Systems Company
SDHV Systems Conventional Systems
200 - 250 CFM per rated ton cooling capacity 350 - 400 CFM per rated ton cooling capacity
28° F - 32° F temperature differential across cooling coil 15° F - 20° F temperature differential across cooling coil
No Drafts / Efficient diffusion / Even temperatures Drafty diffusion and return air
1/3 less Duct Surface Area / Reduced temperature gain / loss Large Duct Surface Area / Increased temperature gain / loss
Less than 4% duct leakage 15% +/- duct leakage
Warmer HP discharge temperatures Cooler HP discharge temperatures
Lower Internal R/H Designed to Lower R/H
30% Lower ambient humidity 30% Higher ambient humidity
Quieter Operation - Sound attenuating ducts Noisier Operation - Conventional ducts
1/3 of the Installed area of conventional systems - Superior in remodels and historic buildings Bulky, often problematic installations in old buildings and remodel applications with small attic and crawl spaces
Unobtrusive, aesthetic design of diffusers and return air intakes to match any decor Large, obtrusive diffusers and return air grills that compromise interior design aesthetics